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MHL Transport Adds New Dedicated Reefer Division

MHL Transport has long been in the business of moving freight coast to coast, safely, on time.  We’ve been around for decades and forged long-standing relationships with many large well-respected organizations that span many many years.  Time and time again, clients and prospects have asked if we can offer reefer service, and although we had toyed with the idea, we wanted to put our time to doing what we do well and growing our long-haul flat deck business, which was our flagship business.  After a lot of thought and consideration, we listened to our clients and decided to forge ahead with development of a new reefer service division.  We did our homework, did the research, and brought in experts to assist us in expanding our business into temperature controlled freight movement.  Our goal was to deliver on our ever-present motto that we CAN deliver ANYTHING, and confidently take this new service out to the market, and to our long-valued customers.  WE HEARD YOU.  And we’re here for you, for ALL your freight movement needs.

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Marnor in BCTA Article

Member Update: Marnor Incentive Program Rewards Safety

BCTA member The Marnor Group of Companies is putting safety first and it shows.

In August of this year, for example, Marnor yard employees reached a milestone of two years without a time-loss injury. Meantime, the number of Marnor drivers qualifying for company safe-driving certificates quintupled over the past six months.

The company’s impressive record is the result of a complete reorganization of Marnor’s safety and compliance department, according to Bill Inglis, safety and compliance manager at Marnor.

“This has resulted in a more comprehensive screening and hiring process, immediately followed by a seven-point driver orientation process,” he explains. “We have also instituted a driver safety awareness program that rewards drivers for completing set time periods of violation-free miles. The criteria to qualify for this award are: no CVSE or US DOT violations, OOS orders, chargeable accidents, or any freight claims.”

After six months of the program, Marnor awarded safety certificates to 8 percent of its operators, but by the end of the first year, the number had grown to 41 percent.

“Freight claims are down, safety awareness is in the forefront,” says Bill. “Amazing results for the small investment of training, education and recognition.”

To celebrate the program’s success and recognize those who earned awards, certificates and bonuses, Marnor hosted a Safety Award and Driver Appreciation Day on August 14, 2015, complete with barbeque lunch. Honourees included Driver of the Year Amrik Sandhar and Team Drivers of the Year Jens and Shelly Heinen, all of whom also received One-Year Safety Certificates.

The Marnor Group of Companies, based in Aldergrove, joined BCTA in August 2014. To see this article on the BCTA website, visit http://www.bctrucking.com/bulletin/2015/09/07/member-update-marnor-incentive-program-rewards-safety.

Marnor Group of Companies Safety Award Day


730 day Yard Safety Award – thank you Andre and Mark!

Amrik Sandhar – 1 year violation free and Driver of the Year
Jens and Shelly Henein – 1 year violation free and Team Drivers of the Year
Gurpreet Dhillon – 1 year violation free
Sam Punia – 1 year violation free
Pat Murphy – 6 months violation free
Kulwant Sali – 6 months violation free

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